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Victor Graham is the adopted son of Julia Braverman-Graham and Joel Graham. He is also the older brother of Sydney Graham.

Early LifeEdit

Victor was born to unknown birth parents and was raised, it is assumed, by a single mother. Near the end of season 3, his birth mother was arrested and sent to prison, where she signed over her rights to Victor.

Life after Being Placed in Foster CareEdit

Victor was then taken to Julia and Joel's house on the night of Crosby and Jasmine's wedding. He is placed, and later adopted by them. He is very interested in video games, and on his first couple of days of school, he faked being sick because he was afraid of the other children.

In Season 4, Julia and Joel are considering adopting Victor as a member of the family to prove to him that he is their son and belongs there. Adoption is Joel's idea, and Julia repeatedly sabotages the adoption process by bringing up her hesitations when they meet with an adoption agent. Julia doesn't believe Victor loves her. Crosby speaks to Julia about his feelings when he first met Jabbar, his son who was five when they met, and Julia calms down.

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