Lauren (portrayed by Tavi Gevinson) is Haddie Braverman's girlfriend from Cornell University. She is first introduced as Season 5 when Haddie comes home from college for a visit. It is later revealed that the two are in a relationship when Haddie's brother, Max Braverman, walks in on the two kissing.

Life Edit

Season 5 Edit

Lauren and Haddie return from Cornell together. Lauren is first introduced as Haddie's "awesome best friend" because Haddie had not come out to her family yet. Max walks in on the two kissing Haddie's bedroom, and Haddie decides to come clean. Later that night, Haddie comes out to her family revealing she is bisexual. They tell her that they love her no matter what.

Season 6 Edit

Haddie returns to Berkley for her aunt, Sarah Braverman's, wedding. She appears to be without Lauren. It is unknown whether the two broke up or Lauren was just unable to make it.

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