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Crosby Braverman (portrayed by Dax Shepard) is the father of Jabbar and husband of Jasmine.

Personal LifeEdit

Crosby Baverman is 32 years-old in Season 1, he is unmarried, and the Third Child and second son of the Baverman family. In the beginning of Season 1 he is dating his long-time girlfriend, Katie, who is pressuring him to start a family with her, an idea he is resistant to. Unexpectedly, his former girlfriend Jasmine Trussell, introduces Crosby to his five year-old son, Jabbar. At first, Crosby doesn't know how to act around his son, but still continues to see him.

While at a yoga class with Jabbar, Crosby meets another single parent and she offers to have Jabbar over for a play date. The woman gained money from her husband's unfaithfulness, and they have a very big home. They continue to have play dates and one day, she tries to "Go further" with Crosby, but this leads to him stopping her and taking Jabbar home.

Crosby and Jasmine begin to rekindle their relationship, but keep it a secret from Jabbar, in case things don't work out. In the season 1 finale, Jasmine announces that she has been offered a dancing job in New York City and her and Jabbar move there, leaving Crosby behind.

In Season 2, Jasmine gets offered a job in Europe, but leaves Jabbar with her mom Renee. She is a very old fashioned woman and at first doesn't take to Crosby because her husband left her with 2 kids, but Crosby assures Renee that he is here to stay.

Jasmine comes back from Europe and decides to only take local jobs, so she can stay close to Jabbar. In the Halloween episode, Crosby proposes to Jasmine and she says yes. In the next one, they tell the family. But Crosby soon learns, through complete changes of the wedding, to not giving Crosby a choice at home, that Jasmine is very controlling. He confronts her about it and it turns into a huge fight. Crosby returns to the boat house and tries to drink his pain away. The next day, Jasmine explains that she thinks that they may have just been together for Jabbar and need to spend some time apart. A couple days later, while at Max's birthday party, Crosby sees Max's behavioral aid Gabby, a friend. At the end of the episode, Crosby is seen sleeping with Gabby.

In the next episode his guilt starts to kick in. He tells Jasmine within the next few days, and their fight gets even worse. Gabby, while at Adam and Kristina's house, overhears Jasmine explaining to Kristina that Crosby cheated. Gabby feels guilty and quits immediately, leaving Kristina and Adam in need of and new behavioral aid and furious at Crosby.

Now in Season 3, Crosby and Jasmine have started dating other people. During a camping trip, Jasmine admits that she still has feelings for Crosby. The two decide to get back together and get married!

At the end of season 4, it's revealed that Jasmine is expecting their second child.

In the season 5 premiere, Crosby and Jasmine welcome a baby girl! After much deliberation, they name her Aida.

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