Bob Little (portrayed by Jonathan Tucker) is Kristina Braverman's former political opponent in the campaign run for mayor of Berkeley, California. He also had a fling with Kristina's niece, Amber Holt. He wins the campaign after Kristina backs out.

Life Edit

Arc Edit

Bob Little is introduced in Season 3 when he employs Kristina to work below him on his campaign. She does well, and they become friends after Bob wins.

Later, Amber starts working for Bob and a relationship develops between the two. Kristina finds out when they are caught making out in a hotel room, and she berates both of them. She bans Amber from seeing Bob.

Bob and Kristina run against each other in the mayoral campaign for Berkley. She gets close to winning, but decides to drop out at the last minute, yielding to Bob, who ultimately becomes mayor.

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