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Amy is Drew Braverman's girlfriend in season 3 and some of season 4. 

At the end of Season 4 (episode 13, Small Victories) Amy and Drew face an unplanned pregnancy, and Amy ultimately chose to have an abortion. Though Drew privately confided to his family that he wanted Amy to give birth, outwardly, he remained steadfastly supportive of Amy’s decision. Drew still wants to be with Amy, but she chose to take a break.

In Season 5 she attends Tufts University in Massachusetts. She doesn't like it and surprises Drew at his dorm room at Berkeley. They get back together for a short time but Drew tells her to go back to Tufts, and she goes. They do not get back together. But they do see each other now and then to have some funky town.

she visited drew at collage. said she hates her collage.roommate and students.

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